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Allreal Baufeld D, Zurich

Allreal is planning its new headquarters at a prominent location in Zurich West. OOS’ response to the study is a concise and differentiated project that creates references to the surrounding urban spaces on all levels.

Externally, the building attracts attention with a subtle conciseness. The eye-catching features are the end facades turned out into the street space and a first floor clad in a glass skin. These underline the public character of the building and anchor Allreal to the maximum in the street space. Behind the glass skin is a foyer, which is complemented by a showroom and an auditorium.

Striking project for a former industrial quarter

From the first floor, dark steel frames and clinker infills visually tie the office floors together – a reminiscence of the architectural history of the site. Here, OOS has solved the requirements for different work areas with an elongated core: this filters the different zones into areas for individual workplaces and those for meetings and communal communication. The crowning glory is the top floor: in the meeting rooms, users are offered a view over the rooftops of Zurich.

Project Details

Allreal West AG
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Gonçalo A. Manteigas, Christoph Kellenberger, Jan Gloeckner, Takatoshi Oki, Roman Miszkowicz
External Team
Pöyry Infra AG (civil engineer), anex Ingenieure AG (domestic engineering), Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur und Städtebau GmbH (landscape architecture), space communication GmbH (visualization)