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Our architecture office has been designing living and working spaces since 2000. Using the design and construction principle of the Clever Philosophy, we develop effective designs for Clever Cities, Clever Architecture and Clever Interiors.

We recognise the potential of a task and translate the strategic direction of a company into space. The needs of the stakeholders are the cornerstone of the design work. The result is individual concepts that capture the uniqueness of a task. In this way, we design aesthetic and meaningful buildings.


The interfaces between urban planning, architecture and interior design are fluid. Depending on the task, we can offer one discipline or an interdisciplinary approach. This enables us to solve tasks at different scales.


As different as the needs are, so are the requirements. In a study assignment, we show the potential of various possible uses. We accompany you in important strategic decisions, develop a groundbreaking positioning for your project and advise you on change management.

At the urban planning level, we design master plans for site and area developments. On the level of architecture and interior design, we accompany you in the realisation of a new building, the conversion of an existing building or also in other conversions, extensions, expansions or refurbishments.


Whether a district, an architecture or an interior, our team accompanies you on the whole journey, from the first ideas to the implementation. In addition to our design team, you will always have a contact person from the project management team to guide you through the journey. Together with our BIM/VDC team, they ensure an effective and efficient process. If desired, we offer general planning services.


Why is what created?
Together with you, we define the goals, clarify the needs as well as the framework conditions and review the added value of the project with regard to the three pillars of sustainability. Then we develop the strategic approach. Using the methodology of value engineering, we match quality and quantity with financial resources and the time frame. We define procedures, methods, processes and organisation. With this, we provide proof of feasibility and initial cost estimates.


What does it look like and what can it do?
The design phase sometimes determines aesthetics, atmosphere, functionality, room climate and much more – in short, the overall user experience and well-being for the defined stakeholder group. We sketch constructions and materialisations in a 3D model. By means of virtual reality, the design can already be experienced by you in this phase. The project is worked out to such an extent that the design, costs and deadlines are fixed and the building application can be submitted.


How can it be achieved?
After the project has gone through the approval process and the building loan has been approved, the invitation to tender is issued. We prepare instructions for the construction services of third-party suppliers so that they can bid for their services. After comparing the qualitative, quantitative and economic aspects, we work with you to select the most suitable bidder for the realisation.


How it is realised.
The building is now constructed according to the design and planning. We take over the design and technical management, keep control of the costs and continue to accompany the project in the overall management. This is followed by the commissioning and documentation of the structure. Any warranty work is coordinated by us.


Andermatt Swiss Alps AG
Axa Anlagestiftung
Coca Cola HBC Schweiz AG
Dark Riders AG (Open Ride)
EDA / Präsenz Schweiz
Hamasil Stiftung
Hochgebirgsklinik Davos
Hamasil Stiftung
Hochgebirgsklinik Davos
Investment Foundation Turidomus
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Nest Sammelstiftung
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Wüest Partner

…and many more.