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Phonak Extension, Stäfa

OOS won the study contract for the south and west extension of Phonak with two different buildings. These are each related in expression to the neighbouring buildings. While the West building forms a medium-term development potential, the South extension is in planning.

The architecture of the new buildings, the qualities of the newly created outdoor spaces and the integration into the existing substance are designed for the needs of Sonova’s employees and future customers. The new buildings fit pragmatically and at the same time precisely into the existing context. While the southern extension makes a striking, simple statement and, in interaction with the existing building, creates an exciting outdoor space, the western extension complements the campus logically and naturally, both externally and internally.

The working environment facilitates solution-oriented forms of collaboration for the staff. In both buildings, an inner zone with meeting rooms and adjoining rooms divides the office zones and, despite the open-plan typology, generates more intimate zones that ensure peace and concentration.

Project Details

Phonak AG
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Joana Azevedo, Christoph Kellenberger, Nicole McIntosh