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First District, Zurich

OOS wins the study contract carried out by Priora for the southern construction site in the First District. Priora Development develops its extensive land reserve at Zurich Airport. The “First District” brand gives the entire development area a common identity.

In connection with the master planning in the First District, Priora Development launched a study commission in spring 2012 to gain important insights from a spatial planning and urban development perspective. OOS was able to convince the jury with its urban planning considerations and the long office and service building on the south site and win the study contract. The First District will become the hub between the city of Zurich and Zurich Airport and position itself as a business area with international appeal. Accordingly, OOS analysed the initial situation, values and vision and translated them into an architectural concept that meets the needs of corporate architecture. The 165-metre-long building sets an example and directly supports the positioning of the First District.

Project Details

Priora Development
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Christoph Kellenberger, Severin Boser, Christiane Agreiter, Joana Azevedo
External Team
Yoshi Nagamine (visualization)