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The effect of space on people is immediate. The effect of our results on humanity, on the other hand, is long-term. That’s why our mission is to create exceptional spaces today for the vital and inspiring future of tomorrow with clever strategies and designs.

With our sense of responsibility towards the client, users and society, we leave a positive and sustainable impact on the environment, culture and context, and thus actively influence this future.


Our values are an essential part of our culture. They contribute to the identity of OOS and influence our results.


Our ideas around living and working spaces are changing. They are a reflection of a Zeitgeist and at the same time shape the future. Our intensive examination of the task at hand together with the application of future-oriented methods and technologies requires agility. Not just because it is required, but because it’s how we want it.


We believe in the power of creativity. Through creative strategies, we can create innovations that inspire users. Driven by curiosity, we break conventions and conceive of surprising approaches, and thus creative results.


Our inter- and transdisciplinary approach characterises our spirit and our internal and external collaboration. The integration of our customers in our processes and our external partners enables a successful exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas.


We want to go beyond the obvious. This is the only way we can we achieve sustainable, positive added value for the client, the users and society, while actively shaping the future. Following this path to the end requires both determination and courage.