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Research II Medicine Campus Davos, Davos

As an international centre of competence, the Medicine Campus Davos combines research, therapy and education in one place. To expand research activities, particularly in the fields of allergy, asthma and cardiology, and to promote translational scientific approaches, a further building is being constructed: Research II.

The new building is located in the north-east of the Medicine Campus Davos. It is part of a comprehensive master plan that is gradually implementing the vision of an innovation location. The research activities will be expanded with the building and translational approaches will be given space.

Research II creates a research environment that complements the existing campus building with additional laboratory and office space for new and future users. The similarity in architectural expression is intentional and aims at visually experiencing the research location with a concise appearance.

The building structure allows for future conversions without the need for upfront investments.

The striking cascade staircase forms the architectural heart of the building. The elongated access with several entrances to the rental spaces on the upper floors also creates the potential of sub-addresses for the requirements of future users.

An important feature of the interior design concept is a multifunctional body. This serves as a meeting zone and contains other important uses such as meeting and telephone niches. At the same time, it serves to spatially separate the various work areas such as the individual and group offices or the open space areas.

The building was tailored to the needs of the various user groups, including the CK-CARE, Cardio-CARE and Davos BioSciences research programmes already located on the site, with a fixed budget.

Project Details

Kühne Real Estate AG
Internal Team
Jan Gloeckner, Andreas Derrer, Armin Zurfluh, Amine Mikou, Federica Savoia, Kate Gannon, Kim Bamberg, Andrea Prkic
External Team
Ralbau AG (construction management/total contractor), Afry AG (civil engineer), Anex Ingenieure AG (HVAC), HKG AG (electrical engineer), Laborplaner Tonelli AG (laboratory), Biqs (fire protection), Amstein + Walthert AG (building physics/building acoustics)