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HGK Extension and Renovation of the Main Building

The renovation and extension of the existing main building of the Hochgebirgsklinik Davos has strengthened the rehabilitation experience and improved the quality of stay and use. This supports the repositioning of the clinic with a focus on hospitality. At the same time, the alpine clinic is an important part of the ambitious master plan for the entire Medicine Campus Davos.

The main building with the bed wing underwent floor-by-floor interior renovations while the clinic remained in operation. The existing building was made ready for the next generations by adding an additional 17 rooms and an earthquake retrofit. 

The new, more spacious room types of the extension fit into the concept of “first-class rehab hospitality”, while the lower floors were developed to a lower standard. Private, semi-private and general rooms thus cover the needs and demands of the target groups of the Hochgebirgsklinik Davos.

A new atmosphere with targeted interventions

A warm hospitality atmosphere was created through the use of natural materials, bright and clearly arranged rooms, differentiated lighting and colour moods, and an inviting yet non-intrusive atmosphere.

Architecturally, the extension is based on the existing expression of the building, without continuing to build on the existing structure one-to-one. The enlargement of the room grids of the extension creates an exciting addition to the façade, which underlines the new appearance of the clinic.

Project Details

Kühne Real Estate AG
Internal Team
Jan Gloeckner, Andreas Derrer, Fabio Gieriet, Andrea Prkic, Oliver Walter, Armin Zurfluh, Kate Gannon, Tim Hildenbrand-Severo, Claudia Brunier-Ernst, Takatoshi Oki
External Team
Ralbau AG and Werkpro AG (construction management), anex Ingenieure AG (building services), Sommerlatte & Sommerlatte (lighting design), Michael Egloff (photography)