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Office Nest Headquarter, Zurich

The new headquarters of the pension fund “Nest Sammelstiftung” reflects the ethical-ecological corporate values and conveys a future-oriented image. The project comprised a roof extension with an additional office floor and the interior finishing of the three upper floors. The result was achieved in close cooperation with Bureau de Bank (Holland).

The office environment is based on three principles: a contemporary working environment, a networked organisational principle and the theme of “nature” as a translation of Nest’s ethical-ecological values. At the beginning of the conception phase, the working methods and needs of the individual departments were examined and translated into different floor plans over the three floors. The office space is divided into official and informal zones. In order to promote active collaboration, the three floors were vertically connected by an internal spiral staircase.

The structural conditions of the existing property and the specific needs of the users were conceptually brought together in various principles taken from nature. Thus the section through the three office floors of Nest is also a cross-section through nature – earth (lowest level), forest (middle level) and sky (highest level) were used as identity-giving design principles.

Corporate values as identity-forming design principles

In addition to the structural translation of this section into layout and workplace, the image also serves to select the colour and material of the respective floor. The open space in the different departments was structured by cabinet walls and overhead shelves.

Project Details

Nest Sammelstiftung
Internes Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Andreas Derrer, Gonçalo A. Manteigas, Emanuel Ullmann, Ana Lucia Widmer-Paniagua, Tamara Prader, Benedict Ramser
Externes Team
Amstein + Walthert AG (HVACSE), Walt & Galmarini AG (structural engineering)