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Presentation on Clever Cities at Losinger Marazzi AG
How do we create an urban space for the future with Clever Cities? Review of a presentation by Christoph Kellenberger at an event organised by Losinger Marazzi AG.
The presentation highlighted important aspects of sustainable urban development. The focus was on the densification of the 15-minute city and the visualisation of a walkable city.
What are the success factors of a Clever City?
First Clever – Then Smart:
What counts first and foremost is effectiveness, which is achieved through clever design and engineering. In an urban planning context, this means settlement structure, recreational areas, biodiversity, sealing, mobility and transport.
Mobility + density:
Shorter daily distances for work, education, shopping or leisure mean less mobility and a better quality of life.
Involve participants:
The future needs to be shaped together to promote the availability of the city and coexistence.
Change as a constant:
Understanding urban development as a continuous process and an opportunity.
City Surplus:
The sum of the parts creates more value than each part on its own. With this understanding, added value can be created for owners, individuals and society.
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