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EXPO 2027, East Switzerland

“La Suisse Orientale” – with the competition entry for the national exhibition EXPO 2027, OOS presents a new view of Eastern Switzerland. The three main locations of Sittertobel, Lake Constance and Schwägalp will be staged in terms of content and geography.

At the centre of the concept are the three main locations, whose geographical, social, economic and cultural characteristics define the three core themes: “permanence”, “changeability” and “permeability”. The main locations will be linked in terms of content and transport by a network of thematic routes, so-called “passages”. Existing infrastructures will be expanded and temporary ones can be used beyond the EXPO. This takes the aspect of sustainability into account.

Project Details

Kantone Thurgau, St. Gallen und Appenzell Ausserrhoden
Sittertobel, Bodensee und Schwägalp
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Andreas Derrer
External Team
Philipp Schaerer Daniel Pokora, Mazzapokora GmbH (external architects), Alain Thierstein Ernst Basler + Partner AG (urbanist), Nik Bärtsch (artist), Nora Hauswirth (curator), project team La Suisse Orientale; OOS AG, mazzapokora GmbH, Philipp Schaerer, EBP AG, Nik Bärtsch (maps/plans), Philipp Schaerer (images)