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Tour of a Pioneering Net-Zero Residential Building

Housing construction as a CO2 sink? Andy Keel, founder and CEO of Openly, showed us how this works during a tour of the construction site in Widnau. A zero-emission building is under construction there.

“Build as few houses as possible and with as little concrete as possible” is the first motto. In this way, up to 40% of CO2 emissions can already be saved. Further realisation is carried out with bionic and industrially manufactured components:

Exterior walls made of hempcrete with wooden studs for the statics and lime plaster, interior walls made of hemp bricks and lightweight walls with clay building boards, biochar concrete and cork insulation boards for the stairwell and underground car park. Every detail was designed to maximise sustainability. An inspiring project, we think!

We are pursuing the same interests as a realisation partner of the Beyond Zero unit. A project by Empa and Eawag in their innovation building NEST, in which CO2-reduced and even CO2-negative innovations are promoted.

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