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Christoph Kellenberger

Founding Partner

Dipl. Arch. FH/SIA, EMBA HSG
Christoph Kellenberger

Christoph Kellenberger is a co-founder of OOS and a member of the Management Board. Always on the search for new ideas, Christoph deals with issues concerning the strategic business development of OOS. In recent years he managed, among other things, the design and implementation of the "Reverse Shopping" project at Maag Recycling as well as the design of Casa Brasil I-III. Most recently he was responsible for the office renovation of Nest Sammelstiftung (Nest Collective Foundation). Christoph is also a co-initiator of the EXIL live music club underneath the OOS office premises.

As a student he founded the “Laboratory for Architecture and Virtual Architecture” in Zurich and designed the architecture for an exhibition at Zurich’s Museum of Design as well as various architecture competitions. He amassed additional experience working as an assistant at the faculty of Prof. Dr. M. Angélil at the ETH Zurich. Like his co-founders, Christoph received his diploma from the Winterthur Technical School.