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Study Commission for a Sustainable Residential Complex

In a study commission for the Nest Sammelstiftung, which was developed in collaboration with the project developer befair partners ag, a new residential complex with high ecological, economic and socio-cultural quality should be built in Oberengstringen. Our competition design provided for 21 flexible flats with compact and optimally usable floor plans and thus fell just short of being awarded the contract.

Natural and low-CO2 building materials such as wood, straw, clay and sandstone, simple constructions and the maximum renunciation of building services reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. The building becomes a CO2 reservoir. Around 800 tonnes of CO2 are stored in the wooden construction. The electricity for operation is covered by a photovoltaic system on the roof, making the building CO2-neutral in operation. In addition, the natural materials promote the well-being of the occupants.

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