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Sonova Wireless Competence Center in EWZ Whitepaper

The Sonova Wireless Competence Center is one of the best practice projects in the EWZ white paper “Netto-Null für Immobilien: eine Chance für zukunftsgerichtete Investitionen”. The report serves as a knowledge base and guide for the real estate industry. It shows ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector.

The competence center for Sonova Communications AG is one of the first CO2-neutral office buildings in Switzerland in operation and is virtually energy self-sufficient. The overall passive, clever space and construction system and the absolutely minimal use of building services are exemplary of Clever Architecture.

The quality of the space, the health and well-being of the occupants and the technical aspects of the building are primarily solved by architectural means. The small amount of energy that the new building still requires during operation is ensured by its own photovoltaic system.

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