Swissbau Innovation Lab 2020

Swissbau Innovation Lab 2020

OOS has created a unique architectural concept for the Innovation Lab at Swissbau 2020. It is based on the vision of a "city of digital transformation" and stands for an extraordinary, reciprocal relationship between content and staging.

The Swissbau Innovation Lab is the special show for digital transformation within the framework of the Swissbau exhibition event. The aim of the special show is to demonstrate the new technologies in the construction and real estate industry and to make them tangible with possible applications.
The architecture was required to provide a timeless framework for the content and at the same time to transport it itself. OOS' approach: In the sense of differentiation from the usual image of densely packed exhibition stands, the architectural concept of a city was developed for the special show. Despite the high density of stands, it is characterised by empty space, width and a great clarity.
The area was divided along the contents: An "Innovation Village", a "Networking Zone", a "Speakers Corner" and the highlight of the special show and central element of the architectural staging, the "iRoom". It is a state-of-the-art experience space for digital planning. Here, the innovation projects were staged as a 3D cinema in an interactive show. A real atmospheric contrast was created by a bistro designed as a green oasis with real plants.
At the centre is the town square, which with its atmosphere of generosity serves as a haven of peace and is thus a counterpoint to the lively trade fair business. The stands - so-called Innovation Points - are arranged around the square in quarters, streets, squares or avenues. The high number of participating partners, 77 in total, required a good overview. Based on the architectural concept of a city, OOS developed an innovative orientation aid with a theme-related naming of streets, alleys etc.


  • Project: Swissbau Innovation Lab 2020
  • #: 830
  • Discipline: Scenography
  • Typology: Industrial, Fair stand
  • Size: S
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2020
  • Builder: MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG
  • Location: Messe Basel
  • OOS partner in charge: Jan Gloeckner
  • OOS project manager: Jan Gloeckner
  • OOS team: Andreas Derrer, Monika Misteli
  • Event technology: Winkler Livecom AG
  • Media and communication technology: Kilchenmann AG
  • Communications concept: IEU Kommunikation AG
  • Signage: IEU Kommunikation AG
  • Photography: Damaris Betancourt
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