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Methods & Technologies

Our practice as design practitioners is changing through digital transformation. Curious and proactive, we use the opportunities that arise through new working methods and forms of collaboration. We continue to evolve and improve the process and content quality of our work, increasing transparency. In this transformation, we see people as drivers and the key to success.

Building Information Modelling / Virtual Design and Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) or Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) are the core building blocks of our way of working. Based on the objectives of the client and the projects, we develop internal and external cooperation processes and use cases for digital 3D building models. We use the BIM methodology or VDC processes at all scales: from urban planning to architecture and interior design.

Our BIM team supports the project teams in developing a BIM strategy, defining the use cases and setting up the digital building model. It is also responsible for coordinating the IFC models between the different disciplines.

The BIM team accompanies, trains and coaches the design team and the external planners throughout the project design and planning process. The Open BIM concept enables us to collaborate with a large number of planners. Their integration into the processes and tools is also organised by the BIM team.

Virtual Reality

Developments such as virtual reality (VR) are part of our workflow. 3D models allow the design team to experience a project immersively in digital space, providing important insights into the development and decision-making process, both internally and in consultation with our client.

Parametric und Data-driven Design

Parametric design supports our studies and analyses in terms of form, building performance and life cycle. Such tools generate multiple design solutions through an algorithmic process based on parameters and rules. At the same time, we are researching in the field of data-driven design. Both methods have a positive impact on efficiency and effectiveness.