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Moving times need moving designs. In this, we are guided by the Clever Philosophy. It deals with social, ecological and technological transformations. With it, we become aware of the effects of our results on humans as part of the entire ecosystem and shape them positively and sustainably.

It takes into account the ecological, economic and social dimensions of sustainability. We design climate-adaptive buildings with it. At the same time, the results shape the local culture and create aesthetic and identity-forming spaces. The question of effectiveness always comes before the question of efficiency. Thus, life and material cycles are taken into account as well as the reduction of technical installations - in the sense of first low tech, then smart tech. The collaborations are inter- and transdisciplinary with a holistic understanding of processes and outcomes.

The Clever philosophy is not a rigid framework. Rather, it is about architectural measures that shape the zeitgeist, which is characterised by challenges. It finds answers through knowledge and creativity and solves problems with design and engineering. This is how Clever Cities, Clever Architecture and Clever Interiors are created for a vital and inspiring future. With people at the centre, it shapes environment, culture and context and creates exceptional spaces.

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