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Building Shell of the HGK Therapy and Gastronomy Wing Is Completed

After extensive work, the building shell for the therapy and gastronomy wing has been completed. While the winter-proof construction site is sealed and seems to be resting on the outside, things are moving along rapidly on the inside. Various installations such as building services, therapy pools, catering kitchen and the entire interior construction are to follow. We are thus approaching completion with great strides, which is already planned for summer 2022.

The new building for the therapy and gastronomy area is part of an extensive and complex construction project for the Hochgebirgsklinik in Davos. With a clever spatial reorganisation, the conglomerate of buildings that has grown over the years is being reunited and expanded. The newly created quality of stay and user experience are fundamental for the clinic and at the same time support the strategic reorientation.

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(Drone images: HGK Robert Kröher)