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Museum of Transport, Lucerne

With a permanent exhibition over an area of 1700 square meters in the Road Transport Hall, the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne presents the history and future of road transportation. In close cooperation with 14 exhibition partners from the automobile industry and the Museum of Transport as client, OOS has staged an exciting exhibition.

At the beginning, there was the idea of an overall concept that shows the history of road traffic. Together with the museum management, OOS developed ideas for the individual theme islands and presented them to the future sponsors.

In this way, OOS was able to take the lead in ensuring that the exhibition was holistically conceived and implemented, from concept development and financing to the detailed planning of the individual thematic islands, the search for and integration of the exhibits and the development of the graphic concept.

The individual exhibition themes are translated into design metaphors and are recognisable in spatially insular, individually designed exhibition buildings. Different experience offers and the spatial overlays take into account both the cultural interests of the Swiss Museum of Transport and the commercial interests of the sponsors and financing partners.

From graphic illustrations to large media projections, different media are aimed at a broad target audience, consisting equally of car freaks, families, small children and senior citizens. The diversity and complexity stimulates the visitors’ imagination, encourages associations and leaves room for interpretation.

Project Details

Museum of Transport
Internal Team
Severin Boser, Silke Ebner, Frank Dittmann, Muammer Yigit, Benedict Ramser, Christoph Kellenberger, Gonçalo A. Manteigas
External Team
Andreas Humbel across the line ltd. (curator), Iart Interactive AG (Mediaplanning), Boyle Chris Concept Plus (interactive exhibits), Patrick Andreas Lamprecht (illustration), Christian Riis Ruggaber crr (landscape architecture), Mati AG (sanitation)