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Stoffel Area, Mels

An innovative and attractive residential location is to be created on the 35,460m2 site of the former Stoffel old textile factory. The site is located above the town of Mels and comprises several factory buildings worthy of protection, which are to be converted and supplemented with new buildings. As part of the study contract, OOS has developed a diverse range of services for a heterogeneous population with different needs.

Context-specific residential forms with individual building types, façades and private and public outdoor spaces were developed for each building site. This diversity of offerings creates a diverse and lively neighbourhood with spaces for communal liveliness as well as individual retreat. A clear ensemble effect towards the outside is achieved through the analogy of the longitudinally oriented building types. At the same time, the differentiation of the new buildings in terms of mass, height and type reinforces the importance of the valley façade of the spinning mill and distinguishes the individual buildings from one another.

The relevance of the two factory buildings as contemporary witnesses is also taken into account in the interior of the quarter: the central courtyard as the heart of the area forms a lively centre. The semi-public and public uses such as the bistro, day nursery and fitness rooms activate the spaces at the back of the area and enliven the courtyard. A structure of demarcation and openness is created, in which the co-existence and cross-fertilisation of communal and private uses creates interaction spaces for residents and visitors.

Project Details

Alte Textilfabrik Stoffel AG
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Christiane Agreiter, Hania Zumsteg, Björn Kohler, Christoph Kellenberger
External Team
Raderschall Partner AG (landscape architecture), Doro Dietz (visualization)