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Sonova Communications AG Headquarter, Murten

A groundbreaking new building has been constructed in Murten: one of the first CO2-neutral office buildings in Switzerland. The competence centre is an expression of the innovative strength of Sonova Communications AG and offers a contemporary working environment with the highest quality of use. The architecture thus creates differentiation and identification.

Sonova Communications AG is active in the development and construction of ultra-miniaturised wireless technologies. The innovative new building offers a unique indoor climate for around 150 employees and is part of the technology and market leader’s sustainability programme.

On the urban planning level, the slightly concave building structure is oriented along the moraine of the terrain. It opens up towards Lake Murten and creates an inviting gesture for employees and visitors. The spatial organisation intuitively follows the operational processes. Thus, the entire research and development department is arranged on a single upper floor with an area of around 2000m2. The ground floor houses the test rooms for high-tech communication technology, the logistics department, the reception with adjoining showroom and an inviting bistro and coffee area.

Energy self-sufficient and pleasant working atmosphere at the same time

In the building envelope, the architecture focuses not only on the quality of the interior and the workplace, but also on energy efficiency. The architecture allows for an almost energy-autonomous building. The envelope is kept compact and the proportion of windows is optimised. With high interior spaces, high-ceilinged windows and skylights, natural daylight is channelled deep into the rooms.

In interaction with windows, solar radiation and waste heat, the temperature- and humidity-balancing surfaces and materials create a pleasant indoor climate without active heating or cooling. The use of solar energy and waste heat from people, machines and computers is used to heat the building.

In addition, the building is powered 100% by PV electricity. With this overall passive, clever space and construction system and the absolutely minimal use of building services, the building is a CO2-neutral office building in operation.

Project Details

Sonova Communications AG
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Raf Dauwe, Tonja Kuhn
External Team
Marti + Dietschweiter AG (civil engineer), Tekhne SA (construction management), Mosimann + Partner AG (electrical planning), Anex Ingenieure AG (domestic engineering), Lorenz Eugster GmbH (landscape architecture), Dean Jaggi (photography)