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Archive – Sonova Bistromax, Stäfa

A feast for the eyes – Sonova has taken this to heart and commissioned OOS to upgrade its company canteen “Bistromax” accordingly. The focus was on the redesign of the self-service area as a free flow.

OOS developed the vision of this free flow as an open area, which extends into the canteen and visually emphasises Bistromax as a place to come together. The challenge was to enable an optimal flow of people and goods despite the open organisation with several entrances. In addition, the open, transparent and clear design increased the demands on the acoustics in the free flow, but also in the canteen area itself.

In its vision, OOS implements the requirements in the form of a practical and functional design with an identity-creating design. The clever organization of the dispensing points, waiting zones and cash desk areas created clear processes. The design follows the needs in the various room zones, thus creating good flows of people with optimum use of space.

Bistro as a contribution to corporate culture

The openness and employee orientation cultivated at Sonova is visually represented by the redesign of the Bistromax: thanks to the open, transparent and clear design, all employees are visible, including those in the area of the serving points.

Project Details

Sonova Communications AG
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Gonçalo Manteigas, Christoph Kellenberger, Tonja Kuhn
External Team
BEBIE Architektur Bauleitung GmbH (management of works), Prorest Gastronomietechnik AG (kitchen planner), axet GmbH (kitchen technology),Bernauer AG (Electrical Engineer), Polke, Ziege, Vonmoos AG (Ventilation Engineer), Damaris Betancourt (photography)