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Service Center Novartis, Basel

The Office and Service Centre planned and implemented by OOS at the Klybeck Plant in Basel is located directly on the Rhine River and provides a wonderful view of the river and the Novartis Campus on the other side through its glass facade.

The structuring of the facade using a filigree grid pattern gives the seven-story building its specific character and simultaneously integrates it into the urban ensemble of its environment. The anodised aluminium frames consolidate the artistic and technical aspects into one element. The appearance changes from maximum transparency to a completely closed-off cladding.

The building consists of two sections that are used for different purposes. While the lower floors feature the requirements for a technical building unit, the upper floors are designed as office space and offer a contemporary work environment for about 220 employees.

Structuring the floors into different zones

The central area is furnished as a multi space and structured with smaller meeting rooms, informal meeting zones and telephone alcoves. The large meeting rooms are located on the short facades.

The communication zones facing towards the Rhine provide break room facilities thanks to their kitchenettes. A bench along the façade invites informal exchange among employees and simultaneously gives the room a clear demarcation.

Project Details

Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Susanna Hellström, Muammer Yigit, Wouter Homs, Anja Steffi Wünsche, Tamara Prader, Christophe Scheidegger
External Team
Störkantenmodell: Draft Garden (external experts), Itten Brechbühl (management of works), Gartenmann Engineering AG (physics relating to construction), A+F Brandschutz GmbH (fire protection), Suiselectra AG (electrical planning), Feroplan Engineering AG (facade engineer), J. Koch HTL (domestic engineering), Professional Security (safety), Lüem AG (design Statics), Damaris Betancourt (photography)