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Raiffeisen, Zofingen

One bank, three locations and the topic “Stubenbank” – OOS has supplemented the specifications of the Raiffeisen Region Zofingen with a core statement, derived values from them and translated them into a spatial concept.

Based on an analysis of the basic attitude and vision of the Raiffeisen Group – and specifically of Raiffeisen Region Zofingen – OOS has expanded the idea of the “Stubenbank”: In the concept “Guest at Raiffeisen Region Zofingen”, bank customers become guests. Accordingly, this positioning is reflected in the form of diverse qualities of stay in the spaces. Public, mixed and private zones are created.

The organisation of the rooms serves to guide customers. It creates insight and overview where desired and privacy and discretion where necessary. The elements and spatial structures are identical in all three branches and are adapted to the respective location. The zones of the customer areas are given an overarching colour and material concept, which is differentiated to distinguish the respective use.

Project Details

Raiffeisenbank Region Zofingen
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Jan Gloeckner, Christoph Kellenberger
External Team
Sommerlatte & Sommerlatte AG (lighting planning), This Weber Design Unlimited (furniture design)