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Mythenquai Lido, Zurich

The sandy beach sets the Mythenquai open-air swimming pool apart from all other baths in the city of Zurich and represents a unique offer. By extending the beach area, this specific quality is reinforced and the profile of the lido is sharpened.

The superimposition of two moods, that of the sandy beach and the classic northern European tree landscape, creates a new flair in the Badi that defines the park. The valuable and protectable tree population is preserved and knitted further in the sense of the existing structure.

The poetry of the tree formations develops into the formal language of the building and the roof. The filigree appearance of the roof and its soft forms allow a harmonious integration into nature. Through the addition of underlying circular shapes, the roof is not perceived as a clear line and the length is reduced in perception to the respective segments. The building itself allows for (unexpected) views of the lake and the mountain panorama time and again through the distribution over two volumes and through the complete openings of the façade in the public area.

Project Details

Stadt Zürich Amt für Hochbauten
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Christiane Agreiter, Christoph Kramer, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes