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My Money Park, Zurich

For the start-up My Money Park OOS has developed an adaptable design concept with a long-term focus that has already been implemented in the first Zurich branch.

The young financial advisory firm rethinks the advisory approach and puts clients at the centre of its considerations and objectives. OOS has translated the company’s values and positioning into a spatial environment that directly supports the new client advisory process.

In the entrance area, the client is guided to a pitch table where he or she can find out about investment opportunities. The personal advisory appointments take place in one of the eight “tree houses”.

The tables specially designed for MMP do not replicate the classic front-to-front counselling situation, but rather place counsellor and client in a partnership conversation at eye level with each other.

Interior design strengthens new concept of customer advisory service

The cabins are covered with tree structures that create atmosphere and provide the necessary privacy with the curtain panels. The acoustic tarpaulins and carpets in the booths form a space within a space and a different acoustic situation; subdued, trusting, discreet. Further international locations are already being considered.

Project Details

Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Gonçalo A. Manteigas, Nicole McIntosh
External Team
GCG (management of works), Claudia Luperto (photography)