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Moods Refresh, Zurich

With a modified colour and lighting concept and a new bar, OOS is helping the Moods jazz club to a new splendour in just eight weeks of construction time. The club has also upgraded backstage, both technically and organisationally.

The new material and colour concept moves away from blue towards warm red tones, woods and brass. Accordingly, the revised lighting concept supports the desired warm atmosphere. The ambience is created not only by the lighting but also by the new bar, a dynamic body.

Seating steps have been installed on the gallery and the railing has been replaced by a black lattice. In the interests of user-friendliness, a staircase now leads directly to the artists’ dressing rooms.

Atmospheric ambience with optimal acoustics

The construction of the new offices proved to be particularly challenging. Spatially, they are located above the existing box and below the ceiling of the shipbuilding building. Thanks to a bridge construction, the roof of the box is not loaded – the load is distributed over the walls of the box.

Project Details

Verein Moods im Schiffbau
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Gonçalo A. Manteigas, Anna Pàl, Nicole McIntosh, Karolina Konecka
External Team
MWV Bauingenieure AG (civil engineer), Herrmann Partner AG (physics relating to construction), AFC Air Flow Consulting AG (fire protection), Alpiq InTec Ost AG (electrical planning), Todt Gmür + Partner AG (domestic engineering), Hellwerk (lighting planning), Goran Potkonjak (photography)