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Maag Recycling, Winterthur

The building structure presents itself as an urban fit. The expression and form of the new building are a reaction to the existing urban situation and a clear interpretation and distribution of the five programmes: recycling yard, storage hall, workshop, park and parking deck.

The idea of “reverse shopping” creates a new offer for urban society that picks up on the zeitgeist of the circular economy. The tension between conventional and industrially prefabricated materials characterises the building structure.

It is the tension between raw, prefabricated concrete – the primary structure – and the galvanised diagonal mesh, which is superimposed on the body and fulfils various functional and aesthetic aspects and demands.

It protects against break-ins into the hall, which is filled with valuable old materials, serves as a fall protection and at the same time forms the individual character of the new building. Depending on the angle of view, it appears completely transparent, allowing the pure, raw structure to come to the fore, or it forms a solid body from the volume.

Project Details

Maag Recycling AG
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Andreas Derrer, Christian Höher
External Team
Marcel Brühlmann, Pöyry Schweiz AG (civil engineering), Rotzler Krebs Partner GmbH (landscape architecture), Mühlebach AG (building acoustics)