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Archive – Luxembourg Pavilion Expo 2025, Osaka JP

For the ideas competition of the Luxembourg pavilion for Expo 2025 in Osaka, OOS transforms the site into a fairground with a carousel as the central idea. The core messages thereby become a surplus of entertaining attractions.

The chosen metaphor of the Schueberfou Fair combines tradition and innovation. It reflects the joie de vivre as well as the openness of the Grand Duchy. A giant carousel is the main attraction. The pavilion is open on all sides, making it accessible to all visitors, and the colourful hustle and bustle can be observed from a walkway. Together with other exhibition spaces and small productions, these attractions convey the most important messages about Circular Economy: better environment, reduction of waste and pollution, booster of economy and connecting lives.

A carousel as a symbol of the circular economy

In keeping with the circular economy, the pavilion consists of modular, recycled and reusable elements. The construction follows the principle “first no-tec, then low-tec”. PV-powered technology is only used where it is necessary despite the clever design. Local, used and leased building materials reduce the CO2 content of the materials. The openness of the pavilion corresponds to the openness of Luxembourg and thus transfers social issues of sustainability such as accessibility and inclusion.

Project Details

Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Osaka, Japan
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Raf Dauwe, Andreas Derrer, Amine Mikou
External Team
Bellprat Partner AG (Scenography)