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Landolt Area, Zurich

Urban life, independence and flexibility are buzzwords that appeal to committed singles and “dinks”. Good amenities and communications within the community are arguments for an elderly generation.

The area’s central position surrounded by the various development structures is fundamental to the project. The fragmented detached residences on Freudenberg meet with the uniform succession of various standards in the area of the Sihl River. Directly to the east, starts the perimeter block development of the city. The project combines the typology of point block building with the atmospheric density of an old town. The type of point block building enables the view of individual buildings to be specifically controlled and an orientation on three sides for each apartment.

In their proportions and formulation, the outdoor spaces refer to outdoor and intermediate spaces of an old town. These spaces are familiar and urban. Rather than the usual generic distance spaces, they are places of identification. Individual contexts with a clear address formation arise for each building. The principle of layering the spaces begins with the flats. The individual units are grouped around the access core in the centre of the building, which in turn develop around an inner core. Free floor plan design and different layouts are possible.

Project Details

Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Christiane Agreiter, Andreas Derrer, Severin Boser
External Team
Sichtraum GmbH (visualization)