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DDO Information Centre, Davos & Klosters

The Davos Destinations-Organisation was faced with a new challenge: in order to market Davos Klosters even more attractively, it needed a new, representative interior design. The redesign should strengthen the organisation’s identity and reflect the values of Davos Klosters.

The interior design project was dedicated to the redesign of the Davos Destinations-Organisation information centre in Davos and Klosters. The cooperative promotes Davos and the region as an attractive location for tourism. The aim was to give the brand a fresh, new look. The consistent use of the colours of the corporate design strengthens the identity. The use of wood brings additional warmth to the premises. Wherever possible, the same materials and elements were used for both locations.

Due to the limited budget, efficient planning and coordination was required. An interior design concept was developed, which was first realised in Davos and then in Klosters. The thorough examination of the existing building fabric at the beginning contributed significantly to the success. The new centre is inviting, functional and reflects the values of Davos Destinations-Organisation.

Project Details

Davos Destinations-Organisation
Davos & Klosters
Internal Team
Jan Gloeckner, Andrea Prkic
External Team
Andri Flury (photography)