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House Uto, Zurich

OOS has been commissioned with the refurbishment of the historic ‘House Uto’. The aging housing stock will undergo a core refurbishment and additional living space will be created by means of the roof extension.

Designed by Fritz Fischer in 1927, the building exhibits architectural features of Expressionism and Art Deco, which are rarely found in Zurich. In agreement and cooperation with the monument protection and the building owner, OOS has developed a refurbishment concept for the building. The building will be refurbished to its former glory and will be listed as a historic monument in the course of the refurbishment. 

Refurbishment of a piece of Zurich history

The reuse of the existing substance is part of the refurbishment concept. Much of it is preserved and will be reused after appropriate upgrading. Architectural features are preserved as far as possible, which at the same time contributes to a more sustainable project realization.

Project Details

Life Insurer
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenerger, Tonja Kuhn, Fabio Gieriet
External Team
Bakus AG (acoustics), anex Ingenieure AG (building services engineering), HTB Ingenieure AG (civil engineer), Righetti Partner Group AG (construction management), HKG Engineering AG (electrical engineering), HKG Consulting AG (fire protection), space communication (visualizations)