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House Schudel, Feldis

In order to provide an optimal view of the Alps, the building makes maximum use of the property. The form is the result of a subtle manipulation of a simple body that is transformed into a wooden sculpture.

Depending on the point of view, the monolithic building is sometimes narrow and light, sometimes wide and heavy. The residents change the expression of the building by opening and closing the large-format shutters.

Inside, a cascading staircase tracing the slope leads into the large open living room. Rooms of various sizes and geometries maximise the experience of a spatial atmosphere. Each window frames a precise image of the landscape.

Project Details

Felix und Catherine Schudel
Internal Team
Manuel Schudel, Severin Boser, Christoph Kellenberger, Lukas Bosshard
External Team
Andreas Gudenrath (civil engineer), Christian Bühlmann (construction management), Dominique Marc Wehrli (photography)