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Archive – Headquarter Südtiroler Volksbank, Bolzano IT

For the headquarters of the Südtiroler Volksbank, a new independent building with a strong character was developed in the industrial zone of Bolzano in South Tyrol.

The corporate architecture takes into account the strong roots of the financial services provider in the region and has been closely embedded in the area. The volume is accentuated by the circumferential, embossed façade bands, which appear as a whole and thus express the idea of the new headquarters. The building captivates with the superimposition of two interdependent structures; interior and exterior volumetry. The empty spaces become a specific feature of the architecture.

Inside, the headquarters thrives on the tension between the rigid inner structure of the access and adjoining rooms and the façade with two inlets. The spatial organization offers maximum flexibility and the possibility to occupy the entire area with approx. 405 fixed and approx. 20 temporary workplaces according to competition specifications. The building has the potential to grow further after the forthcoming change in building regulations, which further strengthens the identification potential of the headquarters and is desirable from an urban planning point of view.

Project Details

Südtiroler Volksbank
Bolzano, Italy
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Christoph Kellenberger, Christian Höher
External Team
Architekturbüro Agreiter (externe Spezialisten)