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Expansion Wüest Partner Office, Zurich

In a study commission for the expansion of the existing office landscape by Wüest Partner, OOS emerges as the winner. With the idea of “The Garage”, the existing concept of the Knowledge Exchange is expanded with additional usable space and connected to the existing rooms.

Back in 2013, after winning the study contract, OOS was commissioned to design the office landscape by Wüest Partner in the Alte Börse in Zurich and the Knowledge Exchange was created. This central idea was further developed with the idea of “The Garage”. “The Garage” is a reference to the garage as a starting and development location for success stories of well-known companies. It stands for Wüest Partner’s culture of innovation and performance and underlines its positioning.

The expansion adjoins the existing premises on the 3rd floor and is connected to the 4th floor with an additional staircase. One challenge was the optimal use of the space formerly rented by a public school. The newly created office workplaces as well as informal meeting zones enable activity-based working and follow the 4C principle: Concentration, Communication, Collaboration, Contemplation.

Other important aspects were ergonomics, acoustics and room climate to promote the well-being of the employees, as well as the expansion of the meeting rooms. These have a variety of digital equipment and promote interdisciplinary collaboration with more flexibility.

Project Details

Wüest Partner
Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Raf Dauwe, Andreas Derrer, Marc Eberhard
External Team
HKP Bauingenieure AG (statics), Thieme:Klima.AG (VCS), Bakus Bauphysik und Akustik AG (acoustics), HKG Engineering AG (electrical), Dean Jaggi (photography)