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Dentalclub, Steinhausen

The Dentalclub is growing. OOS adapts the design concept for the second location in Steinhausen. The Dentalclub Steinhausen also makes a visit to the dentist an experience for patients – an experience beyond the usual visit to the dentist.

By creating specific spatial worlds for each activity and a portion of entertainment, the club is created that focuses on the user’s experience. The scenography creates an atmospheric density, with the contrasting spatial concepts composed into a coherent sequence.

Setting the scene in every room

The “Dentalizer” as the central zone connecting all the rooms has a white reflective atmosphere and functions as a neutralising space of movement around which the various programmes and activities are arranged. The patient is welcomed here and moves on to the waiting area, which is decorated in warm tones. In the treatment rooms, the space is divided into two areas by introducing a visual horizon. While the lower part is assigned to the sterile, white working world of the dentist, the ceiling – which is the focus of the patient – acts as an atmospheric view into the crowns of a forest clearing.

Project Details

Internal Team
Christoph Kellenberger, Cornelia Kuonen, Nicole McIntosh
External Team
GCG (management of works), Dimitar Semko (photography)