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Data Center ETH Hönggerberg, Zurich

More than “zeros” and “ones” – in the design for the new data centre at ETH Hönggerberg, OOS takes a step beyond the obvious. The design for the five-storey new building combines the demand for maximum benefit and the option of possible future developments with a unique shell.

The facade design follows the principle “form follows content” and is produced directly from the computer using the “design to production” process. Thus, partially punched surfaces draw “zeros” and “ones” on the facade. The dynamic conundrum poetically reflects the context and contrasts with the speed of the computer operations inside the building. Through the choice of material – chrome nickel steel – the façade skin reflects and thus helps the compact volume of the new building to a dematerialized lightness.

Complex appearance combined with simple spatial sequences

The unique façade design also ensures that the new building stands out visually from the existing structure. In terms of urban planning, it blends in harmoniously with the existing building and leaves room for future expansion. Inside the building, the organization features simple, clear room sequences. The materialization – raw, bright and real materials – creates an analog contrast to the digital world.

Project Details

ETH Hönggerberg
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Christoph Kellenberger
External Team
Gruner Wepf AG (civil engineer), Gruner Generalplanung AG (general planning), space communication (visualization)