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Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG Headquarter, Opfikon

The beverage company needs a new, attractive and future-oriented office for its Swiss headquarter. OOS accompanies the client in a new building near Glattpark and develops an interior design concept aligned with the company’s vision and culture. With strategic change management, OOS also helps creating a change in work culture.

The new headquarter serves as a collaboration space, with the premises extending over two floors. The diversity of the Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG brands represent an inspiring starting point for the design approach and are translated into a rich spatial configuration. Different spatial and working situations are used to create an office tailored to the various forms of collaboration and levels of confidentiality.

Interior design as an expression of vision and culture

The overriding goal of office organization is short distances and unplanned encounters. This maximizes innovation and know-how transfer without specially designed processes. This is why the reception, all workstations and the cafeteria are together on the 3rd floor. Mixing of internal and external people should be deliberately avoided in the workplace areas. The organization and design of the new office environment follow the aspects of biophilic design and thus support the productivity, engagement and individual physical and psychological well-being of the employees.

An iterative development of the workstation zones results in a new desksharing ratio for an optimal organization of the office. As a result, from the original 100% allocated workstations, a 65% desksharing ratio is achieved. On approximately 3’100 m2 160 workplaces for about 245 employees are created. The spaces follow a clever arrangement that on the one hand promotes social interaction and team organization, and on the other hand takes into account confidentiality in the workplace. The flat hierarchy at Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG is also reflected in the workplaces – individual offices are consistently avoided.

Project Details

Coca-Cola HBC Schweiz AG
Internal Team
Gonçalo Manteigas, Andreas Derrer, Monika Misteli, Federica Savoia, Simon Hofer, Pipo Schreiber
External Team
Laterza Graf Baupartner GmbH (construction management), anex Ingenieure AG (domestic engineering + accoustics), HKG Engineering AG (electrical engineer), Conceptions AG (multimedia), Marcel Rickli (photography)