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Extension Weingarten Retirement and Nursing Home, Olten

An extension is planned for the Weingarten retirement and nursing home in Olten. The extension of the east wing is also intended to improve its earthquake resistance. OOS opted for wood in the competition and came in second place. The pioneering concept could significantly reduce CO2 emissions and create a healthy, natural living environment.

The municipality of Olten needs additional capacity in the Weingarten retirement and nursing home. The east wing from the 1970s is to be extended. The brief included a two-storey extension for a further 20 rooms for the residents and common areas as well as the earthquake-proofing of the existing building.

The vision of adding storeys and seismic retrofitting with as little grey energy as possible finds its solution in timber construction. Compared to concrete construction projects, up to 62% CO2-equivalent emissions could be saved. In addition, an efficient and short construction process would be possible, which would lead to less disruption for the residents during construction.

The façade structure was designed to harmonise with the main building. The appearance of the extension thus follows the structure of the existing building. Spacious communal areas offer residents attractive views. The interior design emphasises naturalness: visible wood, clay subfloor, clay walls. The project aims to combine ecology and well-being in a healthy and forward-looking living environment.

Project Details

Municipality City Olten
Internal Team
Andreas Derrer, Christoph Kellenberger, Raf Dauwe, Lorenz Weingart, Matthias Pengg
External Team
Afry Schweiz AG (civil engineering), Hefti. Hess. Martignoni. Zürich AG (building technology), Rapp AG (engineering), space communication GmbH (visualisations)