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Apartment House Koya, Andermatt

Another apartment house from the pen of OOS has been built in Andermatt. The construction of Koya for Andermatt Swiss Alps AG is the second proof that comfort and design do not contradict each other even in the smallest of spaces. In addition to the use of wood for the façade and the interior fittings, the small space requirement characteristic of micro living also ensures a reduced ecological footprint.

The Koya apartment house stands for practical yet stylish living space, where architecture and interior design complement each other. Within the existing minimal space conditions, the aim was to achieve the greatest possible effect. 

The concept of Koya is based on the idea of connection: Wood is an expression of closeness to nature. Architecture and furnishings merge into one another. Further special features result from the analogy to Japanese culture.

Minimum living space with a big impact

On the other floors 1 to 3, nine mezzanine flats are arranged, each with a ceiling height of almost five metres and one or two bedrooms. The mezzanines offer maximum space and versatility with their built-in furniture.

On the top floor are three penthouses with twice as much space. Generous window fronts dissolve the boundary between inside and outside.

Other communal spaces on the ground floor, such as the lounge with fireplace or the sauna with garden, create connecting places between public and private spaces and thus encounters among the residents.

Project Details

Andermatt Swiss Alps AG
Internal Team
Raf Dauwe, Gonçalo Manteigas, Monika Misteli, Anja Pleyer, Pipo Schreiber
External Team
Anex Ingenieure AG (building physics, HVACSE engineering), HKP Bauingenieure AG (civil engineering), Thomas Aemmer (photography)