BIM method made understandable - behind the SIA leaflet 2051 is also OOS competence / 11.12.2017

From practice to theory - OOS contributed to the development of the SIA leaflet Building Information Modelling (BIM) and brought in valuable experience from working with the methodology. link

With minimally invasive intervention back to old freshness / 9.8.2017

In an initial reconstruction stage, OOS is carrying out minor renewal works at Zurich's restaurant Josef - with great effect. The restaurant now has a cloakroom area. The lavatories were refreshed with paint, new floor coverings and mosaic tiles.

The team led by OOS has won the design contest for the Swiss Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. / 15.5.2017

The concept "Belles Vues" rolls out the red carpet for the world and invites the international guests to take a hike. Following the yellow signposts, they explore and experience Swiss values actively. OOS has developed the concept "Belles Vues" in close collaboration with scenography studio Bellprat Partner and Lorenz Eugster landscape architecture and urbanism. link Project "Schweizer Pavillon EXPO 2020"

OOS at the Architect@Work in Zurich, Messe Zurich (10.5.2017) / 9.5.2017

Corporate Architecture by OOS – Founding Partner Christoph Kellenberger explained in his presentation why and how Corporate Architecture achieves value. You get an insight into the working method of OOS and how we create innovative living and working environments for people. link

m4music meets design - in the jazz venue Moods and the music club Exil, indie, electropop and hip hop meet OOS design (30.3.-1.4.2017) / 21.3.2017

With the jazz venue Moods and the music club Exil, for the first time two clubs designed by OOS are hosting the pop music festival in German-speaking Switzerland. The event of the Migros Culture Percentage is an established meeting place for the national pop music scene. link Projekt EXIL link Projekt Moods

OOS manages to square the circle with a movable installation in space at the exhibition Architektur0.16 (28.10.-10.30.2016) / 27.10.2016

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