The team led by OOS has won the design contest for the Swiss Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. / 8.2.2017

The concept "Belles Vues" rolls out the red carpet for the world and invites the international guests to take a hike. Following the yellow signposts, they explore and experience Swiss values actively. OOS has developed the concept "Belles Vues" in close collaboration with scenography studio Bellprat Partner and Lorenz Eugster landscape architecture and urbanism. link Project "Schweizer Pavillon EXPO 2020"

OOS manages to square the circle with a movable installation in space at the exhibition Architektur0.16 (28.10.-10.30.2016) / 27.10.2016

The new cardiac rehabilitation of HGK, which OOS developed in collaboration with Kühne Real Estate, was opened and successfully put into operation / 25.9.2016

OOS developed in collaboration with Kühne Real Estate the new premises for cardiac rehabilitation of HGK / 31.1.2016

OOS in the BIM Arena at Swissbau / 11.1.2016

Anna Pal (Associate OOS) represent the subject BIM Management as a specialist in the BIM Arena at Swissbau. OOS shows methods adn tools of BIM Management and answers questions about it. link BIM-Arena

OOS takes part in the architecture 0.15 show / 28.10.2015

LAB OOS – 31 October to 03 November 2015, Maag Halle, Zürich link
OOS AG, Hardstrasse 245, 8005 Zürich